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Founders Day: A Day of Giving

Join us for our 8th annual Founders Day and help us unlock $50,000 for Thayer! All gifts made today through midnight on February 7th count toward our Founders Day goals.

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Aaron Beltrami
Abbie Mclean
Abby Browne
Abigail Cherry
Abigail Greenough
Abigail Macauley
Adam & Aja Amontea
Adam Branfman
go Thayer!
Adam Tokarz
Thayer, Thayer forever!
Addi St. Jean
Aidan Humphreys
Aidan McDonough
Aidan Rooney
Aimee Matos
I am very grateful for the opportunities Thayer gave me to grow academically, artistically and personally! I miss it and hope that our contributions can continue to support the financial aid needs of future Thayer families!!! Go tigers!
Alan Qualtieri
Alec Borges
Alec Provost
Alegría De La Cruz
Alex Bodio
Alex Doyle
Alex Terrono
Alexander Christenson
Alexander Richman
Alexander Storch
Alexandra Finnell Frank
Alexandra Mckelvey
Alexandra Rooney
Melissa Forger and Anni Zukauskas are the best!
Alexandra Smith
Ali Anderson Tangerini
Alison Losordo Daye
Alison Soule
Alison Swierczynski
Alison Terry
Allen Smith
Allie Morey
Allison Hoffman
Allison Trumbull
Ally Deegan
Allynn Lodge
Allyson Campagna
Sincere gratitude for the experiences and opportunities Thayer has provided for my children.
Allyson Dwan
Allyson Palmer English
Amanda Acutt
I love being a part of this amazing, supportive community!
Amanda McDonnell
Amanda Taylor
Amber Gazerro
Amelia Browne
Amy & Brett Johnson
Amy & Marc Bryant
Amy Hawkins Henry
Amy Lowe
Amy Lussier Eppich
Amy Perry
Amy Pickel
Amy Sack
Amy and Rob Quealy
Andie Insoft
Andre Grant
Andrea Costello
Andrea Keohane
Andrea Reardon
Andrew & Frances Barrett
It has broadened our children’s horizons to no end. We are eternally grateful for the education they had and are receiving at Thayer!
Andrew Carlson
Andrew Golabek
Andrew Van Ogtrop
Andy Gibson
In memory of James Gibson Jr.
Angela Hedley
Angela Vassalotti
Thayer thayer forever!!! 🐯
AnnMarie Leonard
Anna Costello
Annabel Doherty
Anne Patterson
In honor of Abigail Dupie
I plan on supporting future Founder's Day.
Anni Zukauskas
THANK YOU to our incredible Thayer girls’ lacrosse family! GO, TIGERS!
Annie Dolphin
Antoinise Brice
Antonio Morisset
Archana Kolli
Archana Kolli
Archie Joe
Ariel Maleh
Arthur and Lauren Dayton
Audrey (Fitzpatrick) Farinholt
Audrey Schug
Austin Bennett
Ava O'Brien
Ava Thomas
Barbara Caparell
Barbara Kenslea
In memory of Kisha Watts
Barbara Nyberg
Belinda Ancion
In honor of Genevieve Yard '29
You go, young lady!!!!! Love you, G!!!
Beltrami Family
Ben Kennedy
Ben Snyder
Benjamin Shatzkamer
Bernie Moran
Go Tigers! Go!
Betsey Blakeslee
Bill Daye
Bill Lanagan
Billy O'Dwyer
Billy Walsh
Blodine Francois
In honor of Christopher Doerr
Bo Budde
Bo Cramer
Bob Alexander
Bobbi Moran
So proud of our Girls Lacrosse Team... Show Your Tiger Pride and Please Join Me!!!
Bobbi Moran
So excited for our Boys Lacrosse Season! Please join me in support of our boys and our program!
Bobbi Moran
Excited for the start of our Track Season! Please join me in support of our team and program!
Bobbi Moran
So proud of everyone at Thayer and so grateful to be a part of this amazing community! It's always a great day to BE A TIGER!
Boomer Moran
Best of luck to the Seniors!
Brad Neary
Brad Peterson
Brad Shone
Braden Joe
Bradford Campbell
Bradford Yankiver
Brandon Odom
In honor of Rob Dixon
Thank you for your vision and for creating a pathway for so many to Thayer. Access and opportunity!
Brenda Burke
Brendan Brosnan
Brendan McKiernan
Brian Bunn
Brian Cibelli
Brian Macauley
Brian Manning
Brian Michaud
Bridget & Greg St. Pierre
Bridget Connell
Britt Pena (Soderberg)
Brody Karis
Brooke Jewell
Brooke Salasovich
Bruce & Claire Chanenchuk
Brynn Wartman
Cailtin Chase
Caitlin McKinney
Middle school Parent Challenge
Caitlin Robbie
Caitlin Sullivan
Cam Mannion
Cameron Forger
Cameron Walker
Cara Aiello
Carl and Ingrid Gerst
Carlyn Gaul Jefford
Carol Earle
Carol Jackmauh Blake
Caroline Counselman
We are so grateful to the phenomenal Thayer faculty.
Caroline Driscoll
Caroline Golja
Caroline Kautsire
Keep up the good work!
Caroline Kuhlman
Go Thayer, GO!!!!!
Caroline Lally
Caroline Morton
Carolyn Deibel
Carolyn Wright
It’s our community 🖤🧡
Carolyn Wright
Go Tigers! And Congrats to the class of 2023!
Carson Smith
Cass Havlicek
Cate Gallagher Hoff
Cathy & Kevin Needham
Happy Founders Day Thayer!
Cathy Ferrone
Go Thayer!
Cathy Sears
In honor of In honor of Samantha Sears Agnew 2010
Cathy Sears
In honor of Danielle Sears 2011
Cathy Turpel
Celeste Cefalu
Charlene Luma
Charles Bowen
Charles Paris
Charlie & Kim Bragg
Charlotte Bennett
In honor of my siblings, Lauren, Austin, Drew, and Molly.
Charlotte Macauley
Chelsea Rader Amendola
Cheryl George
Chip Kennedy
Chizoba Gatlin
Track and field runs in my veins, and as a former Thayer Track and Field Athlete and coaching staff member, I will always give my support to the best high school team and coaching staff ever. Mr. Browne was the best coach and mentor I ever had, and I only hope to make him just as proud one day!
Chizuruoke Chikwendu
Keep up the good work.
Chris Cabral
In honor of Boys Lacrosse
Go Tigers !!
Chris Devine
Chris Fortunato
Chris Fortunato
In honor of Thayer’s amazing faculty and staff
So proud to work with such incredible colleagues, students, families, alums and trustees. And grateful not only as head of school but as a parent!
Chris Tasiopoulos
Chris Yarde
In honor of Genevieve Yarde
Chris mcpherson
Christian Chiusolo
Christina Jeffrey
Christine Gill
Go Tigers! Proud to be a TA Girl's Lax Alum.
Christine Healy
Christine Oar
Go Thayer !
Christine Silvers
Christine and Stephen Karnolt
Christopher Barrett
Christopher Cameron
Christopher Cherry
Christopher Cook
In honor of Jim King, Betty Bailey and Steve Branfman
For encouraging the creative side of a math brained student
Christopher Dawley
Thank you Thayer
Christopher Fuqua
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Tingus
We have been Blessed with enduring relationships and understand the value of our shared Thayer family which we are always so proud of and connected to in our Life long and cherished memories....we also honor those who have passed before us. Christopher Tingus 1968
Christopher Welch
Cicily Shaw
Happy Founders Day Thayer!
Claire Castleman
Claire Gordon
Claire Kennedy
For the amazing people, education, and athletics who made me who I am today!
Clara Blanchard
Clare LaMattina
🐅 🧡
Clark Bogle
Claudia & Alex Teixeira
Claudia Cassamajor
Clinton Jacques
In honor of Genevieve Yarde ‘29
Keep working hard and take one step at a time.
Cole Roland
Cole and Heidi Barry
Colin Benelli
Colin Cramer
Colleen Hernandez
Colleen and Matt Pike
Concetta Kelley
Connor Bragg
Connor Foley
Because I am lucky enough to go to Thayer!
Connor Henley
Connor Rotondi
Conor Sage
Cooper Mullen
Courtney Dolan Dorsey
Courtney Wilkinson Mottau
Craig & Kimberly Millian
Craig Salters
Cynthia Galligan
Cynthia Kester
D. Griffin Budde
Great school!
In memory of Ronnie Shone Class of '63
Those were very special days at Thayer when enduring friendships evolved and devoted teacher/coaches mentored young lives in truly meaningful ways.
Dakota Adams
Damon Smith
Dan & Shelley Liebsch
Dan Alosa
Dan Budde
Dan Cherry
Dan Kent
Dan MacVarish
In honor of Patrick Beauregard
Dan Sullivan
Thayer Boys Lacrosse - Seniors 2003
Dan and Carrie Belcher
Dana Baker-Tubbs
Dana Forsythe
Danelle Foley
Daniel Cherry
Daniel Chouinard
Congrats to the 2023 Senior Class !
Daniel Chouinard
Best of Luck Thayer Girls Lax Team !
Daniel D'Isidoro
Daniel Forrest
Daniel Greenough
Daniel Keleher
In honor of Maureen Sullivan Keleher, burgeoning Dean of Faculty
Daniel Kramer
In honor of Jerry Kramer
A proud member of the Class of 1950 who passed away last summer. He loved his days at Thayer!
Daniel Levinson
Daniel Najarian
Daniel Seymour
Danielle & Paul Shahied
Danielle DeMarco Resor
Danielle Forger
Danielle Nash
Danielle O'Dwyer
Daphne Hoffman
Darah Harper
In honor of Justin Llyod
Darby Melia
Daryl Andrews
Dave Humphreys
David Goldberg
David Gooding
David Hymovitz
David Moscoso
David Prendergast
David Rudnick
David Skoler
In memory of Justin Lloyd
David Taylor
Dawn & Steve Skop
DeVaughn Hauck
Thank you for everything you do! We love Thayer
Dean Levy
Deb Budde
Here's to the dedicated faculty and staff at Thayer Academy, especially my friends in the Development Office!
Debi & John Lashar
Deborah Farley
Deborah Higgins
I love where I work!
Deborah Melkonian
With gratitude for 7 amazing years at Thayer, and so thankful to my parents who made it possible.
Deborah Siegel
Debra St. George & Tom Kent
Declan Havlicek
Deirdre Riley
Julie Blanchard is the best!!!
Denis Cronin
Denise King
Thayer Thayer Forever!
Denise O'Sullivan Smith
Denise and Bill Richard
Dennis and Darcie MacDonald
Derek Brandt
Derek Keough
Des Havlicek
Destiny Palmer
Devin Kaslauskas
Go Tigers!
Diana Coldren
Diana Flynn
Diana McDevitt
Diana and Todd Knightly
Diane Haigh
In memory of William Ross Searle
Diane and Joe Farmer
Congrats to the Class of 2023!
Dillon Driscoll
Dina Reinhard
Don Badger
Don Donovan
Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff that make Thayer so incredible.
Donavan Brown
Doug & Jen Brown
Doug Foss
Doug Foss
Douglas Lally
Drew Card
Drew Daylor
Drew Snyder
Duke Lenaghan
Dunny Mannion
Dylan McDonough
Dylan and Nicole Gallegos
Earl Chamberlain
Edineia Leoncio
Edward Fleck
Edwin & Laura Rivera
Eileen Gooding
Elaine Deluca
Elena and Tom Matlack
Elizabetg Bailey
In honor of Jim King
Great faculty and staff helps student fulfill Thayer’s mission.
Elizabeth Bailey
In honor of Norma Atkinson
A great place to grow and learn.
Elizabeth Bloom
Elizabeth Burke Roberts
Elizabeth Gill
Elizabeth Gregory
Elizabeth Healey
In honor of Steve Branfman
Your talent, your kindness and your generous spirit make Thayer a truly special place!
Elizabeth Johnston
Elizabeth Lundgren Hampton
Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Shanley and Joseph Casal
Elizabeth Shatas
Elizabeth Wiseman
Ella Donnellan
Ella simone James
Ellie Kilmartin
Elsa Hancock-Happ
Emilee Wilson
Emilie O'Brien
Emily Cataldo
Emily Dolphin
Emily Humphrey Noble
Emily Kelly
Emily Koelsch
Emily Thoi
Emily Ulfelder
Emily Williams
Emma Browne Cibere
Emma Hill
Emmett Knox
Eoin O'Sullivan
Eric Hsiao
Eric Lane
Eric Thoi
Erica & John Wright
Erica Archabal
Thank you, Thayer!
Erik Madsen
Erik Richman
Erin Fortunato
Erin Gilbert and Ted Healey
Thayer is a place of friendship and celebration when the goal is accomplished!!
Erin Hall
Eryn Kelley
Ethel Dawley
Thank you Thayer
Eva Donnellan
Faith Patterson
My daughter loves this school!
Finn Forger
Fiorello family
Ford Murphy
Frank D. Tenore
In memory of Coach Richard V. Sawyer, Track and Field
There's nothing in my life that I have loved longer than Thayer and my Classmates from The Glorious Class of '62! Thayer, Thayer, Forever!
Garrett Jones
Gaziano Family
Genevieve Olson
Geoff Goodale
Geoffrey Goodale
In honor of Geoffrey C. Goodale
Go Tigers!
George Nichols
Gillian McPhee
Girls Lacrosse
Glenn Forger
Gloria Blanco
Working with my beloved mentors and sharing fondest memories as a mother and a teacher have happened here. Thayer changed my life and made me want to meaningfully impact the lives of others.
Grace Coughlin
Grace Garcia
Grace O’Hare
Grant Thayer
Greg Hisenberg
Greg Lally
Greg Sharp
In honor of Mr Wood
Greg Slusarz
Greg St. Pierre
Gregory Galligan
Griffin Lincoln
Hamel Husbands
Hanna Stern
I give to Thayer because it was not only an amazing academic experience, but it was also a place where I found my people. S/O Kelly Hines for being the best teacher/mentor/person EVER!
Hannah Cooper
Hannah Keleher
Thank you!!!
Hannah Rittershaus
Harry Salters
Heather & Thomas Zakian
Heather Richter
Heidi Fieldston
Heidi Schonland Reid
Heidi WIesel
Highley Thompson
Go Tigers!
Hilary Morris
Holly Concannon
Thankful for this community!
Holly Joe
Hope Bresnahan
Ian MacArthur
Ian Marcellana
Ian Vieira
Ilona Perry
Supporting TA because I’m so lucky for the education and extracurricular opportunities it gave me. Wouldn’t be who I am today without it!
Irvin Bailey
Thayer, Thayer Forever!
Isabel Potter
Isabella Sprague
Isabelle Roy
J. Winthrop Aldrich
In memory of Jane Reardon Labys
Jack Farmer
Jack Healey
Jack Jodoin-Siegel
Jack Macauley
Jack Pulgini
Jack Snyder
In honor of James Pener
Jackie Fellini
Jackson Humphreys
Thayer, here's to thee!
Jacob DeSilva
Jacob Spedden
Jacqueline Gilpin