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Founders Day: A Day of Giving is Monday, March 8, 2021

Join us for our 6th annual Founders Day and help us unlock $50,000 for Thayer! All gifts made now through March 8 count toward our Founders Day goals.

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Abby Butner
Abby McGrath
Abigail Browne
Abigail Greenough
Abimbola Cole
Adam & Aja Amontea
Adam Pearson
Adele Vandenburgh
Aidan Rooney
Aimee Matos
Aine Shiel
Alec Provost
Alex Richman
Alexa Indeck
In memory of Justin Lloyd
Alexandra Anderson Tangerini
Alexandra Finnell Frank
Alexandra McKelvey
Alexandra Rooney
Alexandra Smith
In honor of Justin Lloyd
Alexandra Vitulano
Alicia Tedeschi
Allan Emery
Alli Parent
In memory of Justin Lloyd
Allie Menard
Allison Hess
Allison Hoffman
In honor of Justin Lloyd
Allison Kent Trumbull
Thayer Thayer Forever!
Allison Tearney
Allynn Lodge
Amanda & Dennis Hawley
Amanda Acutt
Amanda Bradley
Amanda McDonnell
Amanda Taylor
Amelia Browne
Amy Hawkins
Amy Lussier
Amy McAllister
Amy Pickel
Amy Quealy
Thanks to Thayer for all that you have done for my own children and children past, present and future!
Andie Insoft
Andrea Costello
Andrea Sorgi Spano
In honor of Shelley Tyre
Andrew Burmeister
Andrew Golabek
Andrew Marsano & Kaelyn O’Connell
Andrew Martinson
Andrew Seymour
Andria and Thomas Clancy
Angela Toussaint
Angela Vassalotti
Anita Grieco
Ann Wood
AnnMarie Leonard
Anna Kester
Annabel Doherty
Anne Bugeau Clay & Brian Clay
Anne Lally
Anne-Marie Mullen
Anni Zukauskas
Annie Kennedy
Archana Kolli
In honor of KSN Rao
Arthur McCann
Ashley Walsh
Athena Li
Audrey Fitzpatrick
Ava Cornforth
Barbara & Gregory Wipf
Barbara Browne
In honor of Marilyn Legg
Barbara Ellis Nyberg
Barbara Kenslea
Barbara Quinn
Barbara Vonnegut
With our gratitude for the amazing teachers, administrators, coaches and everyone at TA who has worked so hard to make this year possible. Thank you!
Barry and Marie Morrison
Ben (son of Gerry) Schneider
In honor of Gerry Schneider Clement, Teacher 1968 to 1982
In Memory of my Mom, Gerry Schneider Clement, who taught English, Shakespeare, Public Speaking, and Theater from 1968 to 1982. In memory of my childhood from 5 to 13 exploring the magic of the old buildings, my own Hogwarts. No more fertile location for my growing imagination than Thayer. & in memory of the kindness given to me by the students, the faculty and most of all, the secretaries and staff at Thayer, Like Penny of the janitorial staff. With all my love & respect, a wistful former Fac. brat.
Ben Griffin
Ben Snyder
Ben and Beth Bennett
Ben and Thorunn Zimmermann
Benjamin & Maxine Baker
Benjamin Rubeor
Go Tigers Lacrosse!
Bennett Boucher
Beth & Rich Kendall
Beth Fortini and John O'Connor
Betsey Blakeslee
Happy to donate to Sylvanus Thayer’s legacy of founding Thayer Academy, and establishing the enduring educational practices at the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Bill and Susannah McMahon
Billy Curley
Billy O'Dwyer
Bob Welsh
Thanks to all for this great event.
Brad Peterson
Braden Joe
Bradford Campbell
Brandon Odom
Brenda Newson Urmson
Brenda Smith Burke P '93, '97
Brendan Lawler
Brendan Rampi
Brendan Shiel
Brent Warren
Brian & Kim Madden
Brian & Patty Joyce
Brian & Sherry Murphy
Brian Bunn and Jennifer Creedon
Brian Higgins
Brian Jaspon
Brian and Amy Sack
Thank you for keeping our students safe this year!
Brian and Christine Davidson
Brian and Jessica Cherry
Brianna Cedrone
Bridget Connell
Bridget Connell
Brooke & Simon Bartletta
Brooke Menard
Brooks Donnelly
Bruce Chanenchuk
Bruce Tuthill
Bryn Boucher
Caitlin Caulfield
Always happy to support a place that does so much for others! So lucky to have been a part of this community.
Callie Smith
Cam Forger
Cameron Mannion
Cameron Walker
Carl Vitagliano
Carmelle Fedillaga
Caroline & Lee Counselman
Caroline Dahl
Caroline Geary
Caroline Ware
In honor of Justin Lloyd
Carolyn Deibel
Carolyn Loucas
Carson Smith
Carter DeFranceaux
Carter Harrison
Casey Hollister
Cassandra Davidson
Cassie Mahar
Catherine McLoud
Cathy Turpel
Chad Nagle
Charles Paris
Thanks for everything
Charles Wichern
Charlotte Browne
In memory of Violet Santamaria
Chelsea Rader Amendola
Cheryl George
Chetta Kelley
Chippy Kennedy
Chris Cabral
Boys Lacrosse
Chris Calnan
Chris Fortunato
Excited and proud to become a member of the Thayer community!
Chris Ribaudo
Chris and Debby Keough
In honor of Marilyn Legg
Chris and Megan Lerner
Christiane Fabrizio
Christie Breen
Christina Jeffrey
Thanks to Kendra King for always keeping us engaged !
Christine & John Maraganore
Christine DeMatteo
Christine DiFronzo
Christine Healy
Christine Karnolt
Christine Peterson
Christine Woods
Christopher Cook
Christopher McGuirk
Go Tigers!
Christopher Tingus
As a graduate Class '68, our close Thayer community ties will always be cherished and supported with vision into the promising technology which will contribute to the quality of Life for all! God Bless us all. Christopher Tingus Class '68
Christopher and Holly Sullivan
Christopher finnerty
Cindy Le
Claire Castleman
Claire Chanenchuk
Clare LaMattina
Go Tigers 🐯
Colby Chanenchuk
Colby Johnson
Cole and Heidi Barry
Colin Ferrera
Colleen Hernandez
Colleen Shields
Connor Bragg
Connor Davidson
Connor Foley
Boys lax
Connor Henley
Corley Chandler
In honor of Kaelen Chandler
Courtney Costello
Craig Salters
Crissy Ahern
Currie Joya Huntington
Cyndi Kester
Cynthia and James Galligan
Damon Smith
Dan Curran
Dan Kent
Dan ODonnell
In honor of Regan/Maggie/Healy OD
Danelle and Jay Foley
Lacrosse Parent
Daniel D'Isidoro
Daniel Greenough
Daniel Greenough
Daniel Kramer
Daniel MacVarish
Daniel Seymour
Daniel Solari
Daniel Torres
Danielle & Paul Shahied
Danielle DeMarco
In honor of Matt Healey and Nate Sugarbaker
Danielle Forger
Danielle Henriksen
Danielle Nash
Danielle O'Dwyer
In honor of Justin Lloyd
Darby Melia
Daryl DeValerio Andrews
Dasan & Zoraida Harrington
Dave Sirrico
In honor of Jack Cosgrove
In memory of Jack Cosgrove
David & Sue Robbins
In memory of Matt Healey
Best Wishes!!!
David Goldberg
David Gosalvez
David McGrath
The Billy O - Coach Odom video pushed us to give.
David McSweeney
David Skoler
David Tegeler
Dean Bauer
Deborah Dreier
Deborah Higgins
Deborah Melkonian
Go Class of '93!
Deborah Siegel
Loved the T.I.G.E.R. hoop showdown between the BO's!
Debra Bowen
Debra Kiley
Deirdre Eschauzier
Deirdre Sullivan
Denis Cronin
Denise King
Denise Smith
Happy Founders Day! - Damon & Denise
Denise Tucker
Dennis MacDonald
Boys Lacrosse Program
Dennis and Darcie MacDonald
Boys Lacrosse Parent!
Derek Keough
Destiny Palmer
Diane Haigh
Dirk Borgman
Dixie Norris
Don Donovan
Donald Badger
In honor of Donald Badger Jr. ‘63 Teacher/Coach 1972-2009
Donald Blackwell
Donavan Brown
Donna and Jonathan Richman
Donovan Mannion
Doug Troupe
Dr. Jennifer Johnson
Drew Snyder
Dylan McManus
Edgar Burman
In celebration of the Thayer community, past, present and future!
Elaine DeLuca
Elena Gosalvez
Elena and Tom Matlack
Eliza Gregory
Elizabeth Bailey
In honor of Ted Koskores
Le's hear it for Anna Boynton Thompson!
Elizabeth Bloom
Elizabeth Brandon Fanelli
In honor of Andrew Leach
Elizabeth Burke-Roberts
Elizabeth Ginns Britten
Elizabeth Healey
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnston
Elizabeth Macauley
Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Rubeor
Go Tigers Lacrosse!
Elizabeth Shatas
Elizabeth Tangney
Ellen Malloy
Ellie Butler
Elyse Alexander
Emilie O'Brien
Emily Bunn
Emily Dowal
Emily Eckner
Emily Hines
Emily Humphrey
Emily Matthews
Emily Rooney
Emma Taylor
Eric Fleming
Eric Hsiao
Eric Swain
Eric Thoi
Erica Archabal
In memory of Marilyn Legg whose love and sparkle continues to inspire me everyday.
Thayer, Thayer, FOREVER!
Erica Archabal
Erica Limont
Erik Madsen
Erin & Mark Minichiello
Erin Carberry
Erin McGurn
Ernest Pierce
Eryn Kelley
Ethan Wilson
Eugene Kelley
Evan Metzold
Finn Doherty
Finn Forger
Foster Eymer
Frances & Andrew Barrett
Frank Chiminello
Frank D. Tenore
Gail Wallace
Garner Thompson
Gene Kelley
Geoffrey Goodale
Great Founders Day Program
Geoffrey Goodale
In honor of Geoffrey C. Goodale
Go Tigers!
George & Tran
George Caldroney
George Whitmore
Gill Family
Glenn Forger
Glenn Leggett
Gloria Blanco
Graham Seed
Greg Hunt
In memory of Justin Lloyd
Greg and Karen Hisenberg
Gregg Forger
Gregory Galligan
Gregory Slusarz
Hanna Stern
Thayer Thayer forever!! <3
Hannah Cooper
Hannah Mulvey ferrera
Hannah Rittershaus
Harriet and James Ubertalli
Heather Messerle
Heidi Fieldston
Heidi Heidi Schonland Reid
Helen Hayes
Herbert Robbins
Highley Thompson
Hoa and Quyen Tran
Honor Flannery
Hughes Family
Ian Vieira
Inke & Elmer Robinson
Isabel Potter
J. Winthrop Aldrich
Jaci Magner Feeley
Jack Healey
Jack Macauley
Jack Snyder
Jacqueline Seymour
James "Andy" Gibson
Can't believe this is our last year at the middle school. Thanks to the TAMS Faculty and Staff for 7 great years of educating our children!
James "Andy" Gibson
Can't believe we have a Senior! Thanks to the Entire Thayer Community for preparing her for the next step in life.
James Burke
Development Team - great job!
James C. King
James Carden
James Dowden
James Geraghty
James MacVarish
James Pener
Thayer Lacrosse!
Jamie Becker
Jamie Brown
Jamison Gregory
Jamison Smith
Janet Chambers
Janet Rouvales
Janice Seymour
Jared Baker
Jared Nash
Jarred DiManno
Jason Lan
Jason Morris
Jay Matthews
Jean Minkel
Go TA!
Jeanine & Doug Murphy
Jeff Browne
Jeff Pickel
Jefferson Driscoll
Jeffrey Frankel
Jeffrey Pimentel
Jeffrey Toussaint
Jen Schumacher-Harper & Mitch Harper
Jenna Hersh
Jenna Menard
Jennifer & Paul Ognibene
Jennifer & Peter Smollett
In honor of Kaelen Chandler
Jennifer DiGregorio
Jennifer Kelner
Jennifer Kuhn
Jennifer MacDonald
Jennifer Newell
Jennifer Quinn
Jennifer Reardon
Jennifer Welch
Jeremy goverman
Jess Pozner
Jessica Leaver
Jessica Stokes
Go Tigers!!
Jessica Sweeney
Jing Gu
Keep up good work
Joan & John Forger
Joan & Wayne Bunn
Joanna and Robert Gilman
Grateful to have Thayer Academy and its community as such a meaningful part of my life and my family's life!
Joanne and Brian Walsh
Joanne logue
In honor of Justin LLoyd
Jodi Schofield
Joe Ferrera
Joeanna McPherson
Johany Madrid
In honor of All the supportive teachers who helped me grow and who I miss and love very much
John Costello
John Crampton
John Drew
John Garvey
John Hurley
John Kuropatkin
John Lawler
John Lerner
John M Geraghty
John Maclennan
John McLaughlin
In honor of Justin Lloyd
John Murphy
John Reid
John Spinelli
In honor of Justin Lloyd
John and Debi Lashar
John and Jennifer Muir
John and Mildred Geraghty
Jon White
Jon and Abby Mariano
Jon and Becky Case
Jonathan Butler
Jonathan Culpepper
Jonathan Earle
Jonathan Lloyd
Jonathan Slawsby
Jonathan White
Jordan Burgess
Jordan Evans
Jordan Robey
Jose Barreto
Keep up the amazing work
Joseph Brock
Joseph Farmer
Joseph McCue
Joseph Pelletier
In honor of Jim King
Joseph Tse
Josh Snyder
Joshua Gallitano
In honor of Harold Hatch
Joyce DiBona
Jud Smith
Judith Bayer
Judith Schumacher
Judy Leibowitz
Julia Budde
Julia Coombs
In honor of Justin Lloyd
Julia Daly
Julianne Mahoney
Julie & Alex Karis
Julie Burke Blanchard '93
Julie Chandler
In honor of Bruce Alemian
Julie Scully
Julie and Dan Gilbert
Julie and Dean Ridlon
Thank you Thayer
Justin Murphy
Justin Nadile
KC Hubeny
Kaitlyn Brosnan
Kaitlyn Freeley
Kara and Jason McLoy
Karen & Jonathan Salon
Karen Bosworth
Karen Jersild
Karen Jodoin
Karen McGathey
Karen St. Vil
Karen Wolozin Starr
Kari & Michael McHugh
Karlyn Folan
In honor of Jennifer Kane ‘93
Kate Shafter
Kate Tardiff
Katharine Walker
Katherine MacVarish
Katherine Meehan
Katherine Sullivan
Go Thayer!
Kathleen & Kevin Taylor
Kathleen Cunningham
Thank you, to Thayer Academy faculty and staff as my colleagues, and as mentors to my two sons ('07 & '10).
Kathryn Ginns
Kathryn Horgan
Kathryn Smith
Kathy & Michael Egasti
Kathy DiGiusto
Katie & Dave Dugan
Katie & Greg Lally
Katie & Matt Kenney
Katie Bacon
Katie Callahan
Katie Campbell
Katie Currie
Katie Williamson
Keith Keeler
Keith WIlliams
Keleher Family
Go, Tigers!
Kelley Hippler
Kelley Tuthill
Thanks Thayer for the great education, fun memories and lasting friendships!
Kelli & Dennis Crowley
Kelly Hines
Kelly Moss
Kelsey Johnson
Kendall Bryant
Kendra King
Kenneth Shang
Kenny Carberry
Thank you to everyone who helped make this a successful Founders Day!!
Keri Dunn Kern
Kerri Brosnan
Kerri Thomas
Kevin Borges
Kevin Daly
Go Thayer !
Kevin Freeley
Kevin J. Deree
Kevin Kane
Kevin McKinnon
Kevin and Jennifer Cedrone
In honor of The Thayer Academy boys and girls basketball programs and the great leadership of Mr. Odom and Mr. O'Dwyer. (Also, we loved today's video!)
Kevin and JoAnn Brown
Kim & Bill Zeoli
Kim & Robert Truckenmiller
Kim Sportack
Kimberly & Craig Millian
Kirsten King
Krista Duval
Krista Ferraro
Kristan Gately
Kristen & Andrew Astley
Kristen Delay
Kristen Finnell Driscoll
Kristen Hayes Kosicki
Kristen Vassalotti Slusarz
Kristen and Brian Manning
Kristin and Sean Healy
Kristine & Rob DeMarco
Kristine Lemke
Kunal Agrawal
Kyle Peterson
Kyle Snowden
Lacrosse Parent
Lara & Troy Butner
Laura & Edwin Rivera
Laura Callahan
Laura Carbone
Laura Fiotto
Laura Shea
Laura Walsh
Laura and Michael Arends
Lauren & Bob Hentschel
Lauren Fish Lowing
Lauren Mahoney
Laurie DeVries
Laurie McTeague
Thank you, faculty, for all you are doing in this incredibly unique and challenging time. We appreciate you.
Leah Kabrhel
Leah Kramer
Lee Oliphant
Lee Sentnor
Lee Smith
Leigh K Schwartz
Leigh-Anne Wuori
Lesley Snyder
Lexi Windwer
Liam Parsekian
Libby King
Linda Hooley
Linda Jones
Linda Sturtevant
Linda cimetti
Lindsay Hoyt
Lindsey Oneil
Lindsey Quinlisk
Lisa Kisting Richards & David Richards
Lisa MacVarish Pizzi
Lisa Rooney
Lisa and Bill Fideli
Liz Bruno
Liz Shevlin Seit
Lizzie Kenslea
Lora Britko
Lori Donnellan
In honor of Eva Donnellan
Lori Grillo
Lori Langenhagen
Lori Regan
Lacrosse parent
Lori and Dave Humphreys
Louise & Michael Stapleton
Luke Ferrari
Lydia Loucas
Lynda Chikwendu
Lyndsey Allison
M Susan Earle
the website is great.
In memory of Gregory Smith '96
MacKenzie Eck
Maddy Wiesenhahn
Madison Chambers
Madison DeLuca
Maggie Blackwell
Maggie Fleck
Maija Ahlquist
Malin King
Marc Rando
Marcia & Rick Wetterberg
Marcia Martinson
Please join me in supporting Thayer Academy this Founder’s Day!
Marcia McKelligan
Marcy and Craig Hersh
Margaret Riley
Margaret Webster
Maria Murphy
Maria Tedeschi
Marie & Michael Mignosa
Marie & Mike Cairo
Marie Jimenez
Marilyn Jackson
Marina Petrilli
Marion & Max English
Marissa Crozier
Marissa Daly
Marjorie Foley
Mark Blanchard
Mark Horne
Mark Lappen
Mark O’Sullivan
Mark Pener
Thank you, Thayer!
Mark and Erin Parsekian
Keep up the great work!
Mark and Lynda Leary
Marshall Berger
In memory of Bill Gould '64
Martha Mcnally
Martha Twigg
Mary Braman
All my best to Rachael & Mike (and the rest of the Class of 79)
Mary Delaney
In honor of John J Delaney, III - Class of ‘71
Mary Griffin